Handy Financial Technology, Boosting Your Trading!

A handy, cutting-edge, unified API and environment for research, backtest and live trading on the leading algorithmic trading platform.

Python & C++ Native API

Python and C++ are two mostly used programming languages used in quant trading, data analysis and machine learning research. You can use our unified APIs and one-stop platform to research and trade cryptocurrencies, stocks and more, by using your own API keys of exchanges and brokerages.

Backtest and live trading

An one-stop native platform keeps the research/backtest environment consistent with the production live trading environment. You can use the same strategy code for both backtesting and live trading.

AI-powered off-the-shelf toolkits

Toolkits offer numerous market-proven templates of algorithms, strategies and machine-learning models that help you build your own trading strategy.

On-premises deployment & customisation

We offer on-premises deployment and customisation solutions to fit your various needs and security and compliance requirementsContact us by clicking "Get Notified" on the top and leaving your questions. We will get in touch with you ASAP

High-performance Optimised Engine

Reliable and high-performance trading infrastructure is a vital part of risk-managed and professional approaches to live automated trading. The optimised live-trading engine allows you to seek alpha and market opportunities within microsecond latencies. We also offer terra-bytes-level historical data across markets to backtest the performance of your strategies.

Power Your Quant Research!

Our service is about to kick off. Register your interest and get notified once QuantFox is available. We will opensource our engines shortly.